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1 - 12 of 12 Records Found for your search of Sociology

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1. Textbook of Clinical Psychology
Bhatia, M.S. , Prof. & Head, Deptt. of Psychiatry, Univ. Coll. of Med. Sci., & Guru Teg Bahadur Hosptial, Delhi.

The present book is specifically written for easy grasping of Psychiatry in a clear cut, point-wise, simple and easily understandable language and is exclusively based on the examination-oriented pattern. Some of the important chapters on Indian Psychiatry (Contributions of Indian Psychiatrists), Epidemiology of Various Disorders, National Mental Health Programme of India, Forensic Psychiatry,....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-2246-7   Publication Year : Mar, 2008    Edition : 1st Pages : 404    Price : $ 19.67    Binding : Paperback

2. Experimental Design in Behavioural Research
Broota, K. D. , Retd. Professor of Psychology, University of Delhi, Delhi.

The book has been addressed to the students and researchers in the disciplines of psychology, education, sociology, social-work, medicine, management, and allied disciplines. It has been written for those who do not possess sophisticated mathematical background. Various designs and their analyses have been presented in simple understandable language. The intended emphasis is to make the reader....
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ISBN : 978-93-86418-14-2   Publication Year : 2017    Edition : 2nd Pages : 326    Price : $ 26.60    Binding : Paperback

3. Introductory Rural Sociology
Chitambar, J.B. , Ex-Director, Rural Development and Agriculture World Vision International in Califonia, USA

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ISBN : 978-81-224-3687-7   Publication Year : 2015    Edition : 3rd    Reprint : 2016
Pages : 272    Price : $ 16.67    Binding : Paperback

4. Ethics, Integrity and Values in Public Service
Arora, Ramesh K. , Former Professor and Head, Deptt. of Public Administration and Dean University of Raj.

This anthology contains most insightful reflections on the variegated dimensions of ethics and its associated conceptual constructs. About a dozen facets of ethics have been juxtaposed with the broader concerns of human conduct and their relevance to the governance system. Essays in the volume analyze issue-areas of morality, integrity, corruption, transparency, accountability, trusteeship, co....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-3656-3   Publication Year : 2014    Edition : 1st    Reprint : Feb, 2014
Pages : 514    Price : $ 19.93    Binding : Paperback

5. Industrial Sociology (As per UPTU Syllabus)
Singh, A.P. , Branch Manager, Indian Bank, Surat, Gujarat.

In the very beginning, the growing significance of the subject 'Industrial Sociology' is discussed to evoke interest in students as well as teachers. The book explains the importance of Industrial Peace for quality and quantity production. Though, Industrial Dispute/Industrial Unrest is given least importance, yet it is touched to the extent to use it as last resort to resolve the industrial i....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-3166-7   Publication Year : 2011    Edition : Ist Pages : 152    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

6. Methodical Analysis of Education
Pathak, Guptajit , Principal, Arunachal Community College & Health Sciences, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

Education is the complete development of the individuality of the child so that he can make an original contribution to human life according to the best of his capacity. It enables the mind to find out the ultimate truth.

The word EDUCATION is generally used in two senses-NARROWER and WIDER. The very Scope of Educational Philosophy is unlimited as it deals with all the Schools of Philos....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-2784-4   Publication Year : 2010    Edition : 1st Pages : 220    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

7. Human Values
Tripathi, A.N. , Former Professor of Electrical Engg., IT-BHU, Varanasi, U.P.

The book presents a holistic picture of the good life, which transcends the prevalent narrow understanding of what constitutes success, fulfilment and happiness in life. It offers a fresh interpretation of human values as the collectivity of all those values which enrich the different dimensions of life-material, societal, psychological, aesthetic, ethical and spiritual. A harmonious realisati....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-2589-5   Publication Year : 2009    Edition : 3rd    Reprint : Jan, 2014
Pages : 342    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

8. Advances In Behaviour Economics
Colin F, Camerer
George, Loewenstein
Matthew, Rabin

Twenty years ago, behavioral economics did not exist as a field. Most economists were deeply skeptical even antagonistic toward the idea of importing insights from psychology into their field. Today, behavioral economics has become virtually mainstream. It is well represented in prominent journals and top economics departments, and behavioral economists, including several contributors to this ....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1720-3   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 772    Price : $ 26.33    Binding : Paperback

9. Small Worlds
Watts, Duncan J. , Prof., Deptt. of Sociology, Columbia University, U.S.A.

Everyone knows the small-world phenomenon: soon after meeting a stranger, we are surprised to discover that we have a mutual friend, or we are connected through a short chain of acquaintances. Duncan Watts uses this intriguing phenomenon- colloquially called "six degrees of Separation"-as a prelude to a more general exploration: under what conditions can a small world arise in any kind of....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1714-2   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 278    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

10. Practical Rural Sociology : Handbook for Application to Rural Development
Chitambar, J.B. , Ex-Director, Rural Development and Agriculture World Vision International in Califonia, USA

The manual is written for use by development workers at all levels but particularly, for those in direct contact with rural people.

The manual focuses basically on practical application of concepts and principles to all projects and programs for development of rural people. The bulk of the Manual is hence devoted to demonstration of practical application through brief summary presentati....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1310-6   Publication Year : 2001    Edition : 1st    Reprint : -
Pages : 176    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

11. New Humanism - A Revolutionary Philosophy
Bandiste, D.D. , Retd. Professor of Philosophy, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

New Humanism
is M.N. Roy`s philosophy which took definite shape from December 1946 onwards. Human rationality is the basis of his philosophy on the basis of which Roy hopes to create a spiritually enlightened society. M.N. Roy was a great thinker, a tireless revolutionary and yet a prolific writer. Apart from 70 books, hundreds of pamphlet and papers of his have been published. His writ....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-0763-1   Publication Year : 1996    Edition : Ist    Reprint : -
Pages : 204    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

12. Organization and Sociology Research
Nagpaul, P.S.

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ISBN : 978-81-224-0129-5A   Publication Year : 1990    Edition : 1st Pages : 172    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Hardbound



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