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Methods and Techniques of Costing

Thukaram Rao, M.E. , Principal, Partel Institute of Science and Management, K. Agrahara, Bangalore.
ISBN : 978-81-224-3040-0
Publication Year : 2011
Edition : 1st
Pages : 824
Price : $ 26.33
Binding : Paperback

About the Book:

This book is divided into three parts. Part-I deals with Methods of Costing, Part-II deals with Systems of Maintaining Cost Accounting and Part-III deals with Cost Control Techniques. In addition to these parts, a few miscellaneous chapters are also included. Two new chapters on Activity Based Costing and Target Costing are also included. The book is helpful for B.Com. (Pass & Hons.), BBM, BBA, M.Com. and related courses. In writing this book problems are drawn from many university and professional question papers and solved in a graded manner. Many objective type questions are included to test understanding ability of students.

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About the Author:

Prof. M.E. Thukaram Rao is Principal in Patel Institute of Science and Management,K. Agrahara, Bengaluru. He is also the visiting faculty at New Horizon Leadership Management, Bengaluru, India. He was head of the Department of Commerce, Sri Sathya Sai University, Brindavan Campus, Bengaluru. He has been teaching the subject of Cost Accounting for the last 35 years to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has published ten books on various titles. He is also an examiner of few other universities and professional institutes.


Part I: Methods of Costing
  • Single or Output or Unit Costing
  • Job and Batch Costing
  • Contract Costing
  • Process Costing
  • Joint Products and By-Products
  • Operating or Service Costing
Part II: Systems of Maintaining Cost Accounting
  • Non-Integral or Cost Ledger Accounting System
  • Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts
  • Integral Accounting
Part III: Cost Control Techniques
  • Marginal Costing
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  • Differential Costing
  • Budgetary Control
  • Standard Costing
  • Uniform Costing
  • Cost Reduction
  • Reporting to Management
  • Mechanised Cost Accounting
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Target Costing
Management and Commerce,General Management